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Insurance is another important facet of our service, as Hamsafar Packers in Siliguri have to transport your goods to the chosen destination, the safety of the goods is also our commitment. The insurance documentation is also our responsibility.

Insurance documentation is essential as a preventive action towards the goods in transit. We at, Hamsafar Packers in Siliguri will take all the burden of your insurance documentation process.

So, if you are scheduling to shift locally or worldwide, let our company have the opportunity to deliver the most satisfactory insurance covers and variable benefits.

Benefits We Offer:
Top-Notch Insurance Services

Relocation, no matter how well-planned, is subject to unforeseen incidents. While we always prioritize the safety of your belongings, we recommend insuring them for additional peace of mind. Our insurance services ensure that your valued possessions are financially protected against unforeseen damages.

Declared Value Coverage

With our declared value coverage, we promise to compensate for the repair or replacement costs of any damaged item. This value is based on its current worth minus any depreciation, ensuring you receive a fair and just compensation.

Cost Implication

The cost of this insurance is determined by the value declared by our clients. While we take every precaution in handling your belongings, factors beyond our control, like poor road conditions or unforeseen accidents, can lead to damages. In such events, our transparent system allows clients to highlight the damaged items in a checklist and report it to us promptly. This ensures swift compensation and keeps the process transparent and trustworthy.

Swift Claim Process

Our commitment doesn't end once your belongings are delivered. In the rare event of any damage, our streamlined claim process ensures swift and hassle-free compensation, reinforcing our promise of customer satisfaction.

Secure Insurance Services in Siliguri, 8293347229

Our Shifting Process

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Assign us Service

This is the initial stage where the company assigns a team or personnel to handle a particular moving project.

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Loading and Packing

Once the inventory is noted and the customer's requirements are understood, the company starts the packing process.

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Transportation Service

The packed goods are transported to the destination. The mode of transportation can vary based on distance, the volume of goods, and customer's preference.

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Unpacking And Unloading

Upon reaching the destination, the movers unload the items from the vehicle.

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